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Learn Bowls

The club always seeks to provide programs for people interested in learning how to play the great game of lawn bowls. If you are not sure if lawn bowls is the game for you and would like to try bowls before becoming a member or if you would just like to become a better bowler we have you covered! 

All of this sound a bit too stuffy and formal? No worries, just come and visit us. Simply walk into the club and seek assistance from one of our members!

Come and Try

Not sure if Lawn Bowls is the game for you, why not Come and Try? Our next come and try days will be advertised on the website. We have experienced members available to ease you gently into things and is a great way to learn about the the game. Who knows, if you enjoy it you may like to attend our other social bowls events like Summer Night Bowls, Winter Bowls or even become a member and play in the interclub pennant competition!

WEA Course

A great way to learn the game of Bowls is by participating in our WEA Lawn Bowls course held over three Sundays twice a year (usually in May and September). Many participants have found this to be a great introduction to the game, and as a result have subsequently played in our social bowls events, with others joining our club or other clubs to play compeditive Pennant Bowls.

To learn more or enroll in the course, please make enquiries through WEA:

Schools Program

We really enjoy the opportunity to teach lawn bowling to students at local schools. In recent years we have taught lawn bowls to students from Norwood International High School and Saints Girls School, and are very be keen to explore further opportunities with any interested schools.

If you would like to know more, or if your school would like to participate in this program, please contact:


Coaching is available all year round. Additional information about coaching is available via the Coaching page.