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Competition Bowls

There are a variety of regular and one off competitions held throughout the course of the year ranging from regular interclub competitions such as Pennant, Indoor Biased and Super Challenge Cup bowls, to club events like our internal Club Championship and annual tournaments. There is not shortage of variety!

Pennant Bowls

The Bowls SA Metropolitan Pennant competition summer season runs from October to March. This is an inter-club competition, played against other clubs within our metro region. The club fields a number of teams at differing divisional levels, so there is a place for bowlers of all capabilities.

Mens’ Pennant games are played on Wednesday afternoons and Ladies’ Pennant games on Thursday mornings, while Saturday Pennant Bowls are played as an Open Gender afternoon competition.

Teams for each week are selected based on selection criteria and to ensure an even number of games per member. The club endeavours to enter the appropriate number of teams each season to ensure that all members get to play regularly and as often as they wish.

Womens Indoor Biased Bowls

The SA Women’s Indoor Biased Bowls Pennant competition runs from May to August on Tuesday mornings at a range of venues. The club has one team of 8 players with several players rotated so that everyone can get a game. You must be a member of the club in order to participate.

This competition is an important link for our lady bowlers and provides a friendly and competitive connection with a wide range of women who enjoy both indoor and outdoor bowls. Not only does it keep our ladies connected to the club, it also provides a welcome activity during the colder months and builds on our expertise in bowling. Played on a smaller scale to that of outdoor bowls but with the same rules, our bowlers develop skills in ‘reading the head’ and control of the line and length of the bowls, skills we all use in our summer bowling.

  • For more information contact: Heather Lynch 0434 122 280

Other Bowling Competitions

In addition to Pennant Bowls, there are many other opportunities to play competitive bowls across the year, including during the Pennant season. Choose the one that best suits you.

Annual Tournaments

The club holds a number of annual tournaments where all members are welcome participate. Additional information about all of the tournaments held  is available via the Tournaments page.

Kensington Gardens Club Championships

Our internal club championships are held throughout the year across eight different categories including: singles, handicap singles, pairs, and consistency. Entry is open to all members.

Club Super Challenge

This is an open gender 10-a-side interclub competition played on Sundays evenings across all four bowls disciplines: singles, pairs, triples, and fours. All club members are eligible to participate.